Bertie Franke

Artist | Ceramist

Welcome to my studio at Lake Bolsena in Italy!



Choose a technique and make your own vase, bowl or sculpture



Come once a

week to work under supervision



Come and stay in our apartment within walking distance of the studio

Ceramics Courses

Imagine: you go on holiday to a beautiful place at Lake Bolsena where you follow a creative course alone or together with friends in English every morning and enjoy all the beautiful and delicious things that Italy has to offer in the afternoon. I let your creativity flow and make sure your holiday is an experience you will never forget!

Schaal in Raku keramiek met Chartres Labyrint Keramiekcursus in Italië
Vaas Naked Raku Levensboom
Vaas Raku Binnenstebuiten

Ceramics course at Lake Bolsena | 6 half days | dates in consultation | €350

Raku | Raku Naked | Bucchero

During the year I organize several ceramics courses for beginners and advanced students on request. Learn the basic techniques of working with clay and ancient hand building pottery techniques. Choose from various techniques such as Raku, Raku naked or Bucchero. You can take your work home with you at the end of the course.


Day 1: Make your first bowl or vase using ancient handbuilding pottery techniques.

Day 2: Make a second bowl or vase and learn more traditional techniques and how to hand build clay.

Day 3: Finisch and dry your work.

Day 4: Your work is baked for the first time in the electric oven. Excursion.

Day 4: Glazing your work.

Day 5: Firing your work in the gas oven.

Open Studio

Vaas Raku Bloem mandala
Vaas in Bucchero met handlabyrint Keramiekcursus in Italië
Vaas Keramiek Bloemen

Open Studio | Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday | € 80 per month

Raku | Raku Naked | Bucchero

Give space to your creativity and come and work in my studio once a week. You can realize your ideas in the well-equipped studio. The price of 80 euros per month includes all materials. You can choose from a variety of techniques, including raku, raku naked, saggar, bucchero, and kintsugi. The studio is open on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 4 pm to 7 pm and on Saturday mornings from 10 am to 1 pm. A maximum of 4 people can participate in each open workshop of 3 hours, who are individually guided at their own level.

Comfortable Accommodation

Fully furnished three-room apartment with private entrance on the ground floor in the old center of the charming village of Gradoli and near the famous Palazzo Farnese. The apartment has a charging station for charging an electric car. All shops are within walking distance. The beaches of Lake Bolsena can be reached within 5 minutes by car. You can enjoy walking and cycling in the area. From 80 euros per night.

Things that make me happy

“I create something new every day that contributes to a more beautiful world”

The symbolism of labyrinths

For more than 10 years I have had a passion for labyrinths, the symbols of our spiritual life path.

The plasticity of clay

I like the flexibility of the clay and the unpredictability of the raku and saggar techniques.

The smell of paper

For thirty years I have been practicing the Japanese art of paper folding Origami and more recently I have also been involved in bookbinding.

The richness of simplicity

I enjoy our life in our self-built ecological tiny house and our permaculture Food forest.

The magic of life

All profits from Artemisia are used to give girls in developing countries a better life through Plan International.

The freedom of homeschooling

I give my children all the freedom to discover their passions and grow into self-confident adults.